1. General Rules

1.1. Rules and Regulations

1.1.1. Scope of Application

The rules and regulations are not to be understood as general and apply exclusively to this season of the Tiebreak PUBG League. Should the rules be incomplete, incorrect or partially not applicable the remaining rules shall remain unaffected. If you have any questions about the interpretation, or incorrect or missing rules, please contact the Tiebreak Team.

1.1.2. Modifications

Tiebreak reserves the right, at any time and for any reason, to change this Agreement at any time. New rules apply immediately and are immediate for all participants.

1.1.3. Supervision

Tiebreak is solely responsible for the supervision and enforcement of the rules and regulations. Neither the Streamer/Caster nor other Participants are responsible for enforcing the rules. However, Tiebreak must be informed immediately of any rule violations or other things like that.

1.1.4. Participants

A participant is any player, substitute player or manager who is directly involved in the participation in the tournament. By participating, each participant automatically agrees to the rules of the Tiebreak PUBG League.

1.2. Organizer

1.2.1. Tiebreak

Tiebreak is the organizer of the Tiebreak PUBG League and therefore responsible for everything around the event. Tiebreak is to be understood as a brand or sub-organisation of the LCGP Charge Gaming UG (limited liability).

1.2.2. Reservations

As an organizer, Tiebreak reserves the right to change or amend the rules at any time and to any extent. In addition, Tiebreak will decide and implement about any offences of any kind, the level of penalties and the concrete implementation.

1.3. TieBreak PUBG League

1.3.1. Definition

The Tiebreak PUBG League is conducted by Tiebreak and is therefore considered part of the organization. The event is neither supported by the PUBG Corporation, nor does it belong to an official league.

1.3.2. Rights

All rights to conduct the Tiebreak PUBG League are owned by TieBreak itself. This also applies to all rights to picture and sound material which is obtained.

2. Settings in the Game/SUPER

2.1. Definition

“Standard and Universal PUBG Esports Ruleset” (short SUPER), is the official rulebook of the PUBG Corporation for all Esport Events in PUBG.

2.2 Rights and Application

The organizer has neither written SUPER, nor rights to change it. The Tiebreak PUBG League will be played according to the general rules of SUPER (2021) and the settings in the game (if given) will be completely adopted. If changes are made to SUPER at short notice, the rules also apply to this event and will be adopted as soon as possible.

2.3 SUPER-Settings

The current SUPER-Settings can be found here: https://liquipedia.net/pubg/SUPER_(2021)
 All SUPER (2021)-Settings will be applied to the Tiebreak PUBG Leauge.

2.4. Remakes

2.4.1 Disconnects

A remake will be enforced if at least 10 players of all teams on the Server were not able to connect to the game server.

2.4.2 Team Disconnects

If 2 players of a team were not able to connect to the server a remake will be enforced as well. To prevent an excessive amount of remakes, this rule counts only once per team.

2.4.2 Various Reasons

The organizer are able to enforce a remake for any reason. This rule is enforced mainly if the observers or the casters were not able to connect to the server or we have some setting issues.

2.4.3 Intentional Disconnects

Players and teams who disconnecting to trigger the rules above will be penalized in the way of the “Connection Termination” rule.

2.4.4 Limitation sof Remakes

The amount of remakes is variable, but usually there will be only 2 per map. The organiser are able to change the limitation of remakes for any reason.

3. Distribution of Points

3.1. Kill Points

The team gets one point for each kill one player of the team makes.

3.2. Placement Points


3.3. Total Points

Kill and placement points are added together to give the total number of points for each round. For the overall ranking, the points of the individual rounds of all match days are added together.

3.4. In the Event of a Tie

  1. Compare every tied Team’s total Kill Points across all Matches
  2. Compare every tied Team’s best performing Match based on Match Points
  3. Compare every tied Team’s best performing Match based on Kill Points
  4. Compare every tied Team’s Kill Points in the most recent Match
  5. Compare every tied Team’s Placement Points in the most recent Match

4. Streaming

4.1. Main Stream

4.1.1. Delay

The official tournament stream will be transmitted with a delay of 10 minutes.

4.1.2. Obligation of Confidentiality

None of the participants is allowed to comment on scores, placements etc. in the chat, which were not yet visible on the main stream. Anyone who has such information is only allowed to share it when it is publicly visible.

4.1.3. Chat Rules

None of the participants may express themselves in streaming chat in an offensive, condescending, etc. manner to other participants, the organizer or third parties. These rules can be read on the Twitch channel of Tiebreak. In addition, teams or their organizations may be held responsible if fans or other persons (belonging to the team or organization) behave improperly.

4.2. Participants

4.2.1. Permission

The participants are allowed to transmit their POV during the whole procedure of the tournament.

4.2.1. Streaming

Throughout the tournament, participants are allowed to stream their own point of view (POV) on days when there is no official stream from Tiebreak. Prerequisite is to have ‘Tiebreak PUBG League’ in the stream title and a delay of 5 minutes. On days where an official stream of Tiebreak takes place, all participants and third parties are prohibited from streaming the tournament from their point of view. If the rule is violated, the participating team will be disqualified without any warning. The following days are official streams:

Sunday 13.06. starting at 2 PM CEST

Sunday 20.06. from 2 PM CEST

Saturday 26.06. from 2 PM CEST

Sunday 27.06. from 2 PM CEST

5. Players and Teams

5.1 Players

5.1.1. Age

Any player wishing to participate in the Tiebreak PUBG League must be at least 18 years of age.

5.1.2. Nationality

In order to participate in the Tiebreak PUBG League, the player’s current residence must be in any european country. Exeptions can be made by the organizer.

5.1.3. Player Name

Player names must not be provocative, offensive or discriminatory.

5.2. Teams

5.2.1. Composition

In order to register a team, it must consist of at least 4 players, in addition to which a maximum of one substitute may be registered. In order to participate in the Tiebreak PUBG League, the current residence of each player must be in any EU country.

5.2.2. Substitutes

A maximum of one substitute may be registered per team. The substitute must meet the same requirements as any other participant. The substitute may not replace a regular player between individual rounds, but between individual match days. An exception to this is when a regular player is no longer able to play due to hardware or software problems.

5.2.3. Team Tags

Teams are required to specify a Team Tag. Team Tags are subject to approval by Administration. Administration reserves the right to deny the use of a Team Tag and require a change for any reason. Team Tags must be 2 to 4 characters. Team Tags may only include uppercase letters (A-Z) and digits (0-9). Team Tags may not use spaces, underscores (_), or hyphens (-).

5.2.4. Teams per Organisation

Unless otherwise agreed with the organizer, a maximum of one team per organization may participate in the TieBreak PUBG League. Teams are still part of an organization even if the name has been changed or if a team separates from its organization only for the duration of the event.

5.2.5. Contact Person

Each team must have at least one contact person who can communicate in German or English. This contact person must always be available, especially for the tournament times and immediately before and after the tournament.

6. Breachesof Rules and Penalties

6.1. General

6.1.1 The Imposition of Penalties

Penalties will only be imposed by the organizer himself.

6.1.2. Level of Penalties

The organizer reserves the right to impose penalties of any amount. These may include, but are not limited to: warnings, tournament exclusion (including upcoming events), point deduction, or the deduction of prize money. The penalties are by no means limited to the above and will be decided by the organizer on a case-by-case basis.

6.1.3. Preservation of Evidence

In the event of suspicion of a violation of the rules, all documents, Video or audio files that could serve as evidence must be made available to the organizer without exception. For this purpose, all players must activate their game recording. If information is withheld from participants, this is also considered a violation of the rules and will be punished accordingly.

6.2. Prohibitions

6.2.1 Arrangements

Participants are prohibited from making any arrangements that may influence the course of the game. This includes, for example, deliberately losing rounds or playing together with other teams.

6.2.2. Betting

Each participant is generally prohibited from gambling with his own games or to operate by third parties.

6.2.3. Bribery

Participants are prohibited from accepting material or financial funds and from changing their playing behaviour as a result.

6.2.4. Hacking and Cheating

Participants are prohibited from using any hardware or software, which could give them an illicit advantage.

6.2.5. Bugusing

Participants are prohibited from taking advantage of errors in the game to gain an advantage over others.

6.2.6. Confidential Information

Every participant is obliged to handle confidential information about other participants, the organizer or the event itself accordingly and not to pass it on without permission.

6.3. Infringements

6.3.1. Connection Termination

Since it must be assumed that an attempt is made to gain an illicit advantage by leaving the game server, a disconnection in a current round is automatically punished with the exclusion of the player for the corresponding round.

6.3.2. Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Participants are forbidden to behave unsportsmanlike towards other participants. This includes, for example, mocking, degrading or insulting other players.

6.3.3. Non-Appearance

If one or more players of a team appear too late or not at all, the team may still compete if it has at least 3 players. Without 3 players, for the first round of the day, the team will be excluded from the respective match day. If the whole team does not appear, this may leads to an disqualification from the season and also further tournaments.

6.3.4. Not Registered Participant (Wrong Game Account)

No participant may be represented in the game by another, non-registered player. It is also forbidden to compete with a non-registered accounts.

7. Invitations

7.1. As Prize

7.1.1. Validity

Invitations from the last CGPL season are only valid for the next season.

7.1.2. Conditions

The organisation of a team wins the invitation for the next season and is still able to take the place, even with a new roster. If there is no organisation behind the team, it has to provide at least 3 players of the last team (substitute not included). In both cases, the team name don’t have to be the same as in the last season.

7.1.3. Exceptions

Teams can also be invited for any other reason than a win. The organizer reserves the right to refuse a invitation for any reason.

8. Communication and Contact

8.1. Communication

8.1.1. Discord

For at least one person of the team (this can also be the manager), it is obligatory to be on the Tiebreak Discord server during their games: TieBreak PUBG League (https://discord.gg/wk8r8cY)

9.   Prize conditions and entry-fee

9.1 Prize conditions

Prizes are not transferable. Substitution of prizes for other goods and services is not permitted, however, Tiebreak reserves the right to provide a substitute prize of similar or greater value if the advertised prize is not available. All federal, state, and local taxes and international tariffs are the sole responsibility of each winner. Shipping costs for non-cash prizes will be paid by the promoter. Prizes in the form of “in-game currency” will be sent to prize eligibles via gift code. Prize eligibles should contact the appropriate contact person (see 8.2.1 Contact Persons) to be eligible for the prizes. Tiebreak reserves the right to withhold any prize money for 30 days in the event of a suspected breach of rules 3.2.1 – 3.2.6 and 10.. If within these 30 days the suspected PUBG accounts gets banned or clear evidence is provided that the owner of the PUBG account is in the possession of banned PUBG accounts or Steam accounts with a VAC bans, the claim for any prize money will expire

9.2 General terms and conditions

By participating in the Tiebreak PUBG League all participants agree to the terms of use of LCGP Charge Gaming UG (limited liability). Our terms of use can be found here: https://tiebreak.one/terms-of-use/

9.3 Participationfees

All transactions and maintain of funds collected through participation fees by LCGP Charge Gaming UG (limited liability) are subject to the terms of use of LCGP Charge Gaming UG (limited liability). The one-off participation fee for each team is 15€. To participate in the Tiebreak PUBG League every team has to provide the participation fee. Our refund-policy can be found in our terms of use.

10. Banned Accounts

Players with valid PUBG bans or VAC bans on any accounts within two (2) years are not eligible to compete in any of the tournaments hosted by Tiebreak.

11. Taking of evidence

Tiebreak reserves the right to monitor any player, for any reason, during the tournament. In addition Tiebreak reserves the right to adopt disqualifications which participating teams receive in other, current tournaments.

12. Tournament structure/times

The best way to understand the structure of the Tiebreak Apex League is to look at the Overview on our website-> https://tiebreak.one/events/tbpl-1/

The overview content is covered by all rules and regulations in this rulebook and is indifferent to all other regulations.