1. General rules

1.1 Organizer

1.1.1 Tiebreak

Tiebreak is the sole organizer of “Tiebreak Apex League” and is therefore responsible for everything related to the event. Tiebreak is to be understood as a brand or sub-organization of LCGP Charge Gaming UG (limited liability).

1.1.2 Reservations

Tiebreak, as the organizer, reserves the right to change or amend the rules at any time and to any extent. Furthermore, Tiebreak will decide and implement violations of any kind, the number of penalties and the concrete implementation.

1.2 Rules and regulations

1.2.1 Scope of application of the regulations

The rules are not to be understood in general. It applies exclusively to the “Tiebreak Apex League”. If individual rules are incomplete, incorrect, or partially not applicable, the remaining rules remain in force. In case of questions regarding a possible incorrectness of rules or in case of ambiguities regarding the interpretation of rules, please contact the tournament management.  The current version of the TBAL-Ruleset applies to the “Tiebreak Apex League-Summer Season 2021”.

1.2.2 Changes to the regulations

The tournament management reserves the right to dissolve rules at any time and change them for any reason. New rules apply immediately and are valid for all participants immediately.

1.2.3 Monitoring and enforcement of the regulatory framework

The tournament management is solely responsible for monitoring and enforcing the rules. Third parties are not responsible for the enforcement of the rules. However, the tournament management must be informed immediately about rule violations or other things of this kind.

1.2.4 Limitation of liability

Tiebreak is not responsible for: (1) incorrect information, whether caused by entrants or resulting from typographical errors or equipment or programs related to the Tournament; (2) technical failures, including, but not limited to, connection failures, interruptions or disconnections; (3) unauthorized interference with the entry process or the Tournament; (4) technical or human error in the administration of the Tournament or the processing of entries; (5) late, lost, undeliverable, defective, damaged or stolen mail or electronic communications; (6) inadmissibility for any reason, including the entrant’s misunderstanding of the Official Rules and requirements of the Entry Process.

1.2.5 Participants

A participant is any player, substitute or manager directly involved in the participation in the tournament. By participating, each participant automatically agrees to the rules of the Tiebreak Apex League. All participants and organizers agree to the EA User Agreement by participating in the Tiebreak Apex League.

1.3 Tiebreak Apex League

1.3.1 Definition

The Tiebreak Apex League is run solely by Tiebreak. The Tiebreak Apex League is not affiliated with or sponsored by Electronic Arts Inc.

1.3.2 Rights

All rights for the realization of the Tiebreak Apex League are owned by Tiebreak itself. This also applies to all rights to image and sound material obtained from Tiebreak.

2. Registration and team formation

2.1 Registration phase

2.1.1 Deadlines Summer Season 2021

Tournament 1

Period: 14.08. & 15.08.
Registration opens: 09.07.2021
Registration closes: 14.08.2021
Check-In: 6 hours before tournament start

Tournament 2

Period: 21.08. & 22.08.
Registration opens: 10.07.2021
Registration closes: 21.08.2021
Check-In: 6 hours before tournament start

2.1.2 Registration

In order to register for the Tiebreak Apex League and be considered eligible, you must register on toornament:
Tourney #1: https://www.challengermode.com/s/Tiebreak/tournaments/9d5dd044-9bcf-4673-4635-08d9425e673a

Tourney#2: https://www.challengermode.com/s/Tiebreak/tournaments/bd750a54-7946-45a7-60a1-08d9425e673a

Furthermore, all participants must join the Tiebreak Discord to receive necessary roles to provide tournament information and communication. Joining the Discord is done via the following link: https://discord.gg/yQTSStKHdT

Admins have the right to accept more registrations than there are slots available to prevent empty lobbys. If more than 40 teams check in the first 40 teams to check-in will be allowed to play.

2.1.3 Eligibility

Each player must meet the following eligibility requirements. They must be of the minimum age required in their country of residence to have a full EA account (no EA account for minors) at the start of the event and meet the following minimum age requirements. Participants must be a resident of Europe and at least 16 years old.

2.1.4 Registration data and leaderboard

Participants will be asked to disclose certain information, such as EA account ID or team name, as part of the registration process. This information may be used for leaderboard data created as part of the Tiebreak Apex League.

2.1.5 Reservations

The organiser reserves the right to reject any registration without reasons given.

2.2 Team formation

2.2.1 Team formation and formation blocking

  • Each team’s roster must consist of at least 3 players.
  • Each team’s roster will be allowed to have 3 main players and 1 substitute.
  • Substitution Rules
    – The substitute player may be added before the start of a tourney or in between tournament days, not while a tournament round is being played or between tournament rounds on the same day. (To add a substitute between tournament days please create a support ticket on our Discord )
  • Playing solo is not allowed, each team’s roster needs at least 2 players to continue playing a tourney.
  • A player is not allowed to represent more than one (1) team at the same time.
  • No major changes/additions can be made to the roster after the tournament has started. Exceptions can be made by the Tiebreak-Managment

2.2.2 Team captain

The participant who creates the team on the registration website during the registration process is considered the team captain. The Team Captain is responsible for managing the official team roster for his or her team, inviting new players to become participants on the team, and for registering the team for each online tournament.

2.2.3 Team name

During the registration process, the team captain must provide an official team name. The name must be different from all other team names. The team’s name must not have any racist, offensive or sexist content, and must not be longer than 20 characters. The same applies to the player names. In case of non-compliance, teams will not be allowed to participate.

2.2.4 Team authorization

If a player of a team is found to be ineligible prior to the line-up date of the event for which the team has registered, the team shall replace him with an eligible player. If a player of a team is found to be ineligible after the line-up deadline of the event for which the team has registered, the decision as to whether the team may replace him with an eligible player shall be made by the Tournament Committee.

2.2.5 Region and Platform

All participants need to be located in the EMEA-Region. All platforms are allowed.

3. Lobby and tournament schedule

3.1 Lobby code

The Tiebreak Apex League is played in “Tournament Match” mode. To join the tournament, participants need a Tournament Participant Code (lobby code for short). The lobby code will be communicated to the team captains by the tournament management shortly before the start of the tournament over a dedicated Discord Channel.  (1) The lobby code may only be forwarded to the participants of the tournament. (2) The lobby code may not be forwarded to third parties, nor may it be visible or audible in a stream (the lobby code is not visible in the Apex Legends game itself). In case of violation of (1) or (2) of point 3.1, the responsible person and all participants of the team the responsible person belongs to will be disqualified and banned from all future tournaments of Tiebreak. This also applies to tournaments outside of Apex Legends.

3.2 Gameplay

3.2.1 Timetable and tournament-system

Tournament #1 and tournament #2 are to be understood as two independent tournaments. Each tourney concist of a qualifier-structure with 2 rounds. “Round 1” will be played on the first day of a tourney and concist of two seperate groups (A&B) with 20 teams. Group seeding will be random. The top 10 teams of each group will move into “round 2”. “Round 2” will be played on the second day of a tourney. The top 3 teams of “round 2” are eligible for the prize money.

Tournament #1 (max. 40 teams)
“Round 1”: 14.08.2021 – 6pm CEST – 6 rounds (Group A and B will start at the same time)
“Round 2”: 15.08.2021 – 6pm CEST – 6 rounds

Tournament #2 (max. 40 teams)
“Round 1”: 21.08.2021 – 6pm CEST – 6 rounds (Group A and B will start at the same time)
“Round 2”: 22.08.2021 – 6pm CEST – 6 rounds

3.2.2 Rounds, Map and Ingame Settings

The Tiebreak Apex League will be played on Worlds Edge (Season 10). “Round 1” and “round 2” will be played on 6 matches of Worlds Edge. Controller Aim assist will be turned off.

3.2.3 Breaks

Breaks will take place only between rounds. A break of at least 5 minutes will be scheduled between each round. Between the 3rd and 4th round a break of up to 10 minutes can be scheduled if this is made clear to the tournament management by at least 1 team.

3.2.4 Disconnecting and starting the game

Matches will continue if players disconnect or are unable to start the match. If more than 20% of the participants in a group in a match lobby disconnect during a match or are unable to start the match or complete a match, the tournament administrator is free to host a remake of the affected match. If the game server fails or restarts, the tournament administrator is free to decide (1) whether to replay the affected match or (2) score the affected round. In case (2), all placement and kill points of the already dead teams will be included 1:1 in the round scoring until the exact time of the server failure. All teams that still have at least 1 player alive at the exact time of the server failure will also receive all kill points already scored for the affected round. All teams that have at least 1 player alive at the exact time of the server outage will all receive the same ranking points based on the number of teams alive at the time of the server outage. Game Server Restarts will also happen If the game is being broadcasted and the caster or observer in the lobby does not make it into the game or If the Lobby host doesn’t make it into the game. The starting of a game is determined by the “pre-load games” status of the players but lobby admins can start the game without every player having pre-loaded the game to cut breaks in exceptional cases.

Teams who leave a match day early by not playing all 6 games with an active roster of at least 2 players may recieve a disqualification for all tournaments hosted by Tiebreak. This rule does not include teams who didnt show up at Game 1 but at a later time of the match day.

3.2.5 Point system and tie-breaks

At the end of each match, teams receive points for their ranking and the total number of kills for the team (“match score”).

The following points are awarded in each match:

1st place12
2nd place9
3rd place7
4th place5
5th place4
6-7th place3
8-10th place2
11-15th place1
16-20th place0
Kills1 per Kill

The total score after 6 rounds decides the final round-placement and in case of Round 2, the prize entitlement. More about prizes under 5. prize conditions.
In a event of a tie-break between 2 or more teams the team with the most kills wins the tie-break.

3.2.6 Cheating, Fair-Play, Techniques and Bug-Abusing

Participants may not leave a match until it is over. Participants may not intentionally delay the start of a match. Participants may not use scripts that alter the game. Participants may not exploit game mechanics to activate and deactivate the “out of bounds” kill timer of 30 seconds. Examples include repeated use of zipline, grappling hook, portal, balloon, or other character ability to repeatedly enter the same area that activates the “out of bounds” kill timer. Participants may not intentionally exploit lopsided textures of the map geometry to block or avoid incoming damage that would have hit but for the exploitation of the geometry. Participants may not hide in map geometry. Participants may not intentionally hide behind invisible walls on the map. Participants may not fire their weapon while in a knockout state. Participants may not abuse a legend’s ability to gain an unintended competitive advantage. Here are some examples of exploits that could be abused: Using Mirage’s “Disappear” to go into a knockout state with the ability to fire a weapon. Using Dimension Gate and Wraith’s Nothing in combination to shorten the cooldown of Nothing after respawn. The use of “Dimension Gate” by Wraith to create a portal inside map geometry. Using a vulnerability, bug, and/or error to shorten the cooldown of a legend’s ultimate or tactical abilities. Participants may not exploit weapon inspection or reloading bugs to increase a weapon’s rate of fire. Here are some examples of this rule: Using the weapon inspection function to cancel weapon animations. Starting the reload of a weapon and quickly switching back to the original weapon. Participants may not intentionally make a melee attack on loot containers, supply drops, and/or respawn transmitters in order to blow themselves or other players up. Participants may use a keyboard and mouse, PlayStation 4 controller, or Xbox controller when participating in this event. Input devices may not have macro functions. Participants may not use any third-party applications or programs that may affect gameplay or give them an advantage over other participants. This includes:

  • ESP
  • Radar hacks
  • Wallhacks
  • Speedhacks
  • Aimhacks
  • Hitbox manipulation
  • Teleportation
  • The usage of a bug/bugs to gain an advantage versus your opponents
  • Tap-Strafing Banned Accounts

Players with Apex Legends bans on any accounts within two (2) years are not eligible to compete in any of the tournaments hosted by Tiebreak. Taking of evidence

Tiebreak reserves the right to monitor any player, for any reason, during the whole Summer Season 2021. In addition, Tiebreak reserves the right to adopt disqualifications which participating teams or players receive in other, current tournaments.

3.2.7 Tournament Structure

The best way to understand the structure of the Tiebreak Apex League Summer Season is to look at the Overview on our website-> https://tiebreak.one/events/tbal-summer-season-2021/
 The overview content is covered by all rules and regulations in this rulebook and is indifferent to all other regulations.

3.2.8 Registration possibilities

Teams can sign up and play for both Tourneys of the Summer Season 2021.

3.2.9 Team number and communication

Each team is assigned a team number before the start of the tournament, regardless of their team’s name. In the game lobby, players independently enter the team slot that corresponds to their team number. During the entire duration of the tournament, communication takes place on the Tiebreak Apex League Discord.

3.2.10 Betting, Gambling, Match-Fixes, Teaming

  • Players, coaches as well as Tournament organizers and staff from Tiebreak are prohibited from gambling or betting on any matches in any Tiebreak tournament.
  • All sorts of match-fixing and/or teaming are strictly forbidden and will be punished. This may include temporary or permanent bans.

3.2.11 Platforms

Following platforms are allowed to participate on the Tiebreak Apex League:
– PC
– Playstation

3.2.12 Minimum number of teams

Group A and B will only be played with a minimum of 32 teams registered and checked in. If less then 32 teams register and check in only a single group will be played. The first 20 teams checked in will be able to play in this single group. This single group will be played as the final group.

4. Streaming

Tiebreak reserves exclusive rights for broadcasting and streaming for all its events. Participants are ONLY allowed to stream on following days:
The official stream will have a delay of five (5) minutes. If you decide to stream the match the minimum delay required is five (5) minutes and have “Tiebreak Apex Summer Season” in the title of the stream.

5. Price conditions

Prizes are not transferable. Substitution of prizes for other goods and services is not permitted, however, Tiebreak reserves the right to provide a substitute prize of similar or greater value if the advertised prize is not available. All federal, state, and local taxes and international tariffs are the sole responsibility of each winner. Shipping costs for non-cash prizes will be paid by the Promoter. Prizes in the form of “in-game currency” will be sent to prize eligibles via gift code. Prize eligibles should contact the appropriate contact person (see 6. Contact Persons) to be eligible for the prizes. Tiebreak reserves the right to withhold any prize money for 30 days in the event of a suspected breach of rules 3.2.6 and If within these 30 days the suspected EA account gets banned or clear evidence is provided that the owner of the suspected EA account is in the possession of banned EA accounts, the claim to any prize money will expire.

Prize Table:
Tourney #1
1st. place: 900€
2nd. place: 450€
3th. place: 150€

Tourney #2
1st. place: 900€
2nd. place: 450€
3th. place: 150€

6. Communication

All communication will take place over the Tiebreak Discord: https://discord.gg/yQTSStKHdT.